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DIY Haircolor w/ Professional Colors

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Sorry to have been behind on my posting–believe it or not, tax work has kept me busy in August!  But I am back, with my newest find…

At the end of July, I had to go to my hair stylist to fix my hair color.  Why?  Because I tried to short-cut the hair coloring rules and paid the price.  What happened was that because of the sun, pool water, etc., my hair was really fading out and I decided that I wanted to return to my natural color (minus the grey!).  So I tried to put a darker permanent color on my roots AS WELL AS the rest of my hair so I wouldn’t get stuck doing permanent on the roots and semi-permanent on the rest to get everything to match.  BIG MISTAKE.  Even after doing test strands, I ended up red.  Rather red indeed.  After trying to fix it and testing swatches of hair with semi-permanent color and not getting very far, I gave up and called my stylist.

Tiffany @ Cosmopolitan in Brewster, NY is excellent and I highly recommend her.  She is a great stylist and manages to cut my stick-straight boring hair in such a way to give it some body.  And she also fixed my hair mishap with a Redken semi-permanent color.  She was also kind enough to write down exactly the color combination she used, because we often chat about my home-haircoloring adventures. 

So I went online and purchased the Redken hair coloring products myself and voila–this time it worked!  So don’t be shy about asking your stylist to give you your color formula–good stylists understand that the economy is tough right now and that they would rather keep you as a haircut client and have you rave about them to your friends than try to keep your color a secret. 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2008-2009 Kristin Delfau, author of Turbo-Mom's Guide to Saving Money Without Wasting Time a womens' personal finance book, and Aji Publishing.

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